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As Colorado Business Valuation Experts (, we provide most all Services related to business valuation. We have worked in most all industries, but we have developed special expertise in certain industries.

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Our Services



Business Valuation with Comprehensive Report

This level of Service includes a full analysis of the business with a comprehensive report for a specific use and specific audience.   This is applicable for litigation and IRS filings


Business Valuation with Summary Report

This level of service includes a full analysis of the business with a written summary report this would be applicable for a small and midsized transaction support, exit/succession planning, buy/sell agreements, etc.


Business Value Assessment with Restrictive Report

This service (aka “Calculation”) does not result in a conclusion of value or opinion of value - not a true valuation.  Rather it's merely the result of calculation  based on the pre-selected procedures agreed upon by the appraiser and the client. Applicable for verification of assumed price for internal use.


Purchase Price Allocation - Preliminary and Final Reports

In an business acquisition (aka "business combination"), Purchase Price Allocation plays a critical role in providing transparency, fair valuation, and strategic decision-making for both acquiring and acquired entities.


We work in most all industries, but below is a list of industries we have considerable experience in




Electrical Contractors


Trades/Specialty Contractors

Interior Design/Fabrication

Property Management

Restoration Contractors


Landscape Contractors


Furniture Retail

Specialty Retail

Real Estate Holding Co's

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