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Every company and engagement is different, but generally we ask our clients for the following data. The information list below is critical to the completion of valuation projects. For items on this list that are not available, we will work with our clients to develop substitute data or determine if data is not available or not applicable.

Requested Documents

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(on an accrual basis)

  1. Five (5) years of historical financial statements (in Excel)

  2. YTD Financials, if applicable (in Excel)

  3. TTM Income Statements, if applicable (in Excel)

  4. Aging report accounts receivable / payables (as of the valuation date)

  5. Revenue by client (as of the valuation date) (in Excel)

  6. Five (5) years of federal Income tax returns 

  7. Fixed assets depreciation schedule (for most recent period)

  8. Off Balance Sheet Assets, if any

  9. Contingent liabilities, if any

  10. Forecasts or projections, if any

  11. Inventory summary, if applicable

  12. Schedule of insurance (binder)

  13. Key personnel / officer / owner comp

  14. Lease agreements

  15. Banking or other debt agreement(s)

  16. Equipment list, if applicable

  17. History of dividend / distributions made to owners

Office Building


  1. Copies of buy/sell or shareholder agreements

  2. Articles of Inc or organization

  3. Bylaws

  4. Other organizational documents, if any

  5. Current owner ledger (list of owners with corresponding shares/units)

  6. Past ownership transactions, if any

  7. Company description, history, future plans

  8. Industry Code(s) - NAICS

  9. List of business locations

  10. Brochures and marketing materials

  11. List of major contracts

  12. Environmental audit, if any

  13. Major corporate actions

  14. Pending or active legal actions

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  1. Recent appraisals (business valuations, real estate for fixed asset appraisals), if any

  2. List of major suppliers

  3. List of key competitors

  4. List of trade publications

  5. Employment agreements

  6. Employee handbook

  7. HR-related policies and procedures

  8. Bios of key executive management / org chart

  9. Description of registered trademarks, copyrights, patents or other IP

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